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Buddha Diamond zirconia

Buddha Diamond zirconia

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  • Package Weight: : package weight is 1.8 lbs
  • Title:: Buddha Diamond
: LT-PDD04
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Buddha Diamond zirconia

Awakening of the Master Soul


High quality, finely polished, faceted zirconia and golden glass Buddha

Diameter: 1-1/8 in. / 28 mm Depth: 3/8 in. / 9 mm

Diamond energization and initiation

Spiritual Potential

  • The energy of enlightenment expands within you
  • Awakening of the Divine within you
  • Being in resonance with the heartbeat of God and the OM of the universe
  • Being One with All That Is
  • Peace, deep serenity, the state of Eternal Being
  • The presence of Masters and Avatars in your aura
  • Being connected with the Matrix of the Ascended Masters
  • Awakening of the Master Soul within you

The enlightened Masters and Avatars envelop you in their presence. You will be in resonance with the OM of the universe, the breath and rhythm of God. The whole Light Universe attunes to this divine resonance and so do you.

The absolute Divine State of Being, peace, deep serenity, deep truth, light and love expand within you. Deception, i.e., the veil of Maja will vanish, the energy of enlightenment and bliss will suffuse you, the Flame of Enlightenment is rekindled in your heart, and awakens the Divine within you. The presence of the enlightened ones awakens the Master Soul within you. You are surrounded by Masters who will guide and teach you.


Possible Uses

This pendant is excellent for harmonizing your aura.

You may put it on one Chakra during meditations or put it in front of you. You may also wear it as pendant in your aura.

Diameter: 1-1/8 in. / 28 mm Depth: 3/8 in. / 9 mm


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