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Angel Decorations | Inspirational Wall Decorations | United States

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Accenting your home with decor that inspires you is important, but purchasing those decorative items from a company that actually cares about your well being is truly special.

Quintessence Creations was founded by a woman who enjoyed surrounding herself with fairies, inspirational wall decorations, angels and the healing scents of essential oils so much that she built her love of inspirational decor into a business that serves others. In fact, the name Quintessence was chosen because it invoked the idea of each individual achieving their highest potential and realizing their dreams.

But Quintessence Creations is more than just a lofty idea, they're a full service online retailer that offers a wide variety of home accents to help you create a home environment that encourages you to be your best.

Gifts, Decor and More

You'll find angels, fairies, goddess art, Native American decor, gifts for the garden and seasonal inspirations at Quintessence Creations items to ease your heart and rejuvenate your spirit. Inspirational wall decor is one of the most popular items in the store. With a beautiful selection of plaques, art prints and wall tiles to choose from you're sure to find a piece to display in your home or to give as a gift.

If scents soothe your jangled nerves you'll appreciate the aromatic candles and pure essential oil blends offered by Quintessence Creations including a free essential oil user guide for those not yet familiar with the practice of using these pure oils for health and spiritual well being.

With so many meaningful items to choose from it can be difficult to decide on a piece when purchasing a gift for someone else. But Quintessence Creations makes that easy too; simply purchase a gift certificate for 15 to 500 dollars and the company will send it to your recipient via email or print delivery.

But Quintessence Creations doesn't just want to inspire your home dcor, they want to inspire your life on every level, and that's why they offer classes and seminars.

Come find that special gift, that inspirational wall decoration, healing scent or life-changing seminar at Quintessence Creations. Brew a cup of tea and browse the companys online catalogue or read their uplifting blog. This retailer is more than just a site to spend money at, it's a place to connect with ideas that inspire your life and help you fulfill your dreams.