Bring in the New Year

Bring in the New Year

A new year bring excitement. A new beginning. Hope that things will turn out this year, bring more peace, abundance, whatever is important.

I've been doing a ritual for the past 10 years to let go of the old and bring in the new. I've found this has a more profound impact on my life. I share this to help you ring out the old and bring in the new. Feel free to modify if for your own use. We'd love to hear what works for you.

Ring out the Old

Imagine a glass full of water. You can't pour in any more water. You need to empty the glass to make room for more water. That is what we will be doing FIRST.

Have a pen and paper.

Find a quiet place and think about your year. What do you want to release? What no longer works for you?
This could be related to external items such as your job, your location.
It could be related to your thoughts. You want to let go of being depressed, anxious, lethargic, etc.
It could be related to your body such as illness, weight.
It could be related to your thoughts. Thoughts that keep repeating that you can't let go. Thoughts that you are unworthy, unloveable.

Just write whatever comes to your mind. You can refine it later. Let the words just flow out of you and onto a piece of paper.

Once you are done, walk away for a few minutes. Do some physical exertion to help lot go of any anxiety or stress that presented itself as you were writing.

Once you have come back to the present moment, read what you wrote and refine. Be careful you do not change the context, since the words are important.

Now you want to burn the paper. You can burn in fireplace, or make sure you have a safe environment to burn the paper. Remember paper flies when it's burning.

And now, you've let it go. Do not keep going back to this. Take the next step.

Bring in the New

Find a quiet place and think about what you want in your new year. As you write this down, imagine yourself in your new life. Feel the change in your body. See the change in your mind. Visualize as much as you can and write it down. The more senses you can use in this process, the more you will feel it as a reality.

Read this daily for a minimum of 21 days. Again, use as many of your senses as you can to feel the new reality.

Final Thoughts

Wishing you miracles on your journey. Miracles are changes that you feel are impossible, and I love when miracles happen, since it brings hope that life can change.

You can also create a vision board for what you wrote to bring in the new. Find pictures, words and place them on a board (or paste then on paper). Place this where you will see this daily. Remember, you attract what you spend time on. Why not spend more time on what you want!