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Diana Inspirational Wall Decor Lavender Moon Large home accent Wall Art Print Faith Angel home accent Wall Art Tile
The goddess Diana, who is one of the most celebrated goddesses from mythology, even today is depicted in this inspirational wall decor. Diana is the greek goddess of light, of the moon and the heavens, and is represented by the white stag and doves. An elegant fairy standing beneath a lavender full moon clutching a magical moon staff. Her regal gowns drape and swirl gently around her.This inspirational wall decor measures 8 1/2 in. x 11 in. Faith Angel home accent Wall Art Tile is set against an art noveau backdrop, drenched in rich blues and teals, the Faith Angel bows her head in prayer as she holds a white dove in her hand.  She reminds you to have yourself, and most importantly, in something even greater than yourself. Comes ready to hang on brass hangers strung with matching color gossamer organza ribbon.  home accent Wall Art Tile is  8 x 10 in size.

Virtues are what everyone aspires to, moral excellence of a person.

There are many virtues, some of which are:
determination, forgiveness, gentleness, gratitude, honesty, innocence, love, loyalty, patience, peace, sincerity, strength, trust.
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