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Feb 20 - Mar 20
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Chakra Crown Pillar Candle
Chakra Crown Pillar Candle
Chakra Crown Bliss Pillar Candle. This candle supports your 7th chakra, your crown chakra, with a supporting deep red color. Use for chakra rebalancing and increasing your connection to your bliss, your connection to a higher power.

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Pisces Wall Art Print
Pisces Inspirational Wall Art Print
The two mermaids encircling the water elements in an ocean of blues. This beautiful Inspirational wall decoration will gracefully adorn any wall.

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Pisces Decor

Zodiac sign of Pisces is represented by Fishes - Feb 19 thru Mar 20 and is a Water Sign. Find products related to this sign.
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Taurus (Bull)                               Apr 20 - May 20     Leo (Lion )                                        Jul 23 - Aug22  Scorpio (Scorpion)                      Oct 23 - Nov21  Aquarius (water bearer)         Jan20 - Feb18
Gemini (Twins)                           May 21 - Jun 21   Virgo (Virgin)                           Aug23 - Sep 22   Sagittarius (Archer)                   Nov 22 - Dec 21  Pisces (Fishes)                          Feb 19 - Mar 20