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Rhiannon home accent Wall Art Tile

Rhiannon home accent Wall Art Tile

Ceramic Sensations
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  • Package Weight: : package weight is 1.65 lbs
  • Made In USA:: Made in USA
  • Artist:: Amy Brown
  • Title:: Rhiannon
: EA-WH85
UPC Code: 636972877113
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Rhiannon home accent Wall Art Tile

The celtic goddess is dressed in blue riding a white horse with an owl on her arm. Rhiannon is the Welsh goddess and the patroness of Justice. Rhiannon rides a white mare faster than any man can catch her, she was falsely accused of killing her son. Her powers of fertility, movement and leadership enhance the universal laws of Justice, bringing balance and truth to the situation. Rhiannon has three sacred birds by whose singing all sorrow is forgotten, pain healed and even the dead are restored to life. The white mare, the raven, the moon and the number three are all sacred to goddess Rhiannon

Inspirational wall decor hangs on brass hangers strung with matching color gossamer organza ribbon with full cork backing. Wall accents are 8x10.
Measures 8 in. x 10 in.. Product weight 1.45 lbs.


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