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Oct 24 - Nov 22
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Scorpio home accent Wall Art Print Scorpio Wall Art Print
Surrounded by her corresponding colors of maroon and deep red, the Scorpio Fairy stands beneath her ruling planet Pluto clutching a wand fashioned in the shape of her traditional symbol. She wears a beetle choker since Scorpio is associated with insects, and her symbol is tattooed beneath her right eye. Blackthorn, which is associated with this Zodiac sign, crowns her and frames this inspirational home decoration. As the majestic man comes out of the water surrounded by a bright red phoenix and black scorpion, the women in the blue water surround him. This mystical inspirational wall decoration will gracefully adorn any wall.

Scorpio Decor

Zodiac sign of Scorpio is represented by Scorpion - Oct 23 thru Nov21 and is a Water Sign. Find products related to this sign.
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