About Us

This company was formed from the love of angels and fairies. Nancy was a collector of angels and fairies. People frequently asked her where she found her angels. She wanted to share her love of angels, as well as continue bringing in more angels. She was running out of room to showcase her angels. So the company was formed with her business partner, Lori.

Today, they both continue to find meaningful and inspirational products to share with you. They both want to live the fullest with inspiration.

You can view services and courses at NancyRoseAngel.com

Quintessence Creations Blessing

For me, I bless this company to provide an avenue for me to work and grow, while providing time to enjoy the other important areas of my life.

For the business, I bless this company to inspire people to remember and become who they truly are.

For the world, I bless this company to help people resonate with their dreams so they connect from their hearts. And in this they transform themselves, those they encounter, and the world.

Meet Nancy

Nancy and Lori
Founders of Quintessence Creations