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Animal Decor

Animal have been known to inspire certain qualities. Below is a list of the standard symbology for animals.
Animal Symbology Animal Symbology Animal Symbology
Bear Power, healing Dragonfly Illusion, transcendence Mouse organizer
Buffalo sacredness, life, abundance Eagle divine Spirit Otter playful, woman medicine
Butterfly transformation Elk strength, agility Owl clairvoyance, insight
Cat Independence Fox quick-witted Rabbit humility
Coyote trickster Frog water energy Raven courage, introspection
Crow change Hawk messenger, intuition Shark adaptability, survival
Deer gentleness, kindness Horse stamina, mobility Snake shrewdness
Dog loyal, teaching Hummingbird messenger Squirrel planner, gatherer
Dolphin kindness, play energy Lion power of feminine energy Turtle nurturer, protector
Dragon wisdom, infinity, longevity Lynx guardian, guide Whale wisdom, provider

Moose headstrong, steadfastness Wolf loyalty, perseverance, success