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Blessing Angels

Blessing Angels

Thoughts become things, and intention has power. Everything that is created in the physical world first existed as a thought or idea in someone's mind. Although thought is invisible, it has the substance and power to become tangible and influence our lives.

Energies and states of being can also be manifested, including grace, serenity, harmony and inspiration. All of the most beautiful energies and states of mind are available for us to connect with at any time. Unfortunately, all too few people remember consistently that they have this power.

That's where our Blessing Angels can help. Whether you are looking for a healing ornament or decoration, a Christmas gift, an inspiring home accent or a motivational gift for a friend, our Blessing Angels can be a continual reminder that the positive feelings, states and energies we desire are all around us, all of the time. They are just waiting for us to reconnect with them. Remembering this, we can attract more and more of these positive energies into our lives.

Our true nature is Divine consciousness, which embodies perfect peace, wisdom, joy, healing, unconditional love, and every positive vibration. Unfortunately, living in this dense physical world can sometimes cause us to forget this. We lose touch with the higher, finer frequencies of our True Self.

A Blessing Angel can serve as a touchstone, a talisman to help you to remember and focus on the energy or feeling that the angel represents. Choose your favorite angel, or buy one of each; as beautifully-crafted as these angel ornaments are, they are affordably priced.

Blessing Angels can serve as a continual reminder that you are safe, loved, and always connected with Divine energies. If you're looking for a healing ornament or empowering decoration, look no further. A Blessing Angel makes for an inspirational and motivational gift for yourself or someone you love.