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Blessing Angels Ornament Peace Capricorn home accent Wall Art Print Hope home accent Wall Art
Capricorn home accent Wall Art Print
Our Price: $7.00
Sale Price: $5.00
Hope home accent Wall Art
Our Price: $5.00

Peace comes in many forms, let this beautiful Angel remind you that peace is all around you.
These elegant Angels are detailed on front and back. They are perfect for any occasion. Each angel is in a white organza bag.
Surrounded by her corresponding colors of gray, dark green and brown, the Capricorn Fairy stands beneath her ruling planet Saturn. With the Capricorn symbol tattooed on her upper arm she wears a crown of Willow leaves, a tree typically associated wit this Zodiac sign. She dangles a pendant of turquoise, a gemstone commonly linked to Capricorn, as symbolic ivy vines frame this inspirational wall decoration. Hope home accent Wall Art. This inspirational wall decoration depicts a regal black and white fairy with fantastic butterfly wings walking in a snowy forest. These art prints 5x7 enhances any room.
Peace Angel Pocket Stone
Peace Angel Pocket Stone
Our Price: $96.00
Peace Angel Pocket Stone
Give your worries to the angels with this wonderful Angel Pocket Stone. People rubbed the stones and felt less worried. Whenever you touch the Angel Pocket Stone, you relax knowing that an angel is helping you. Also known as angel worry stones, angel blessing stones.

Virtues are what everyone aspires to, moral excellence of a person.

There are many virtues, some of which are:
determination, forgiveness, gentleness, gratitude, honesty, innocence, love, loyalty, patience, peace, sincerity, strength, trust.
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