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Wisdom home accent Wall Art Dryad Mystical Wall Decor Print Wisdom Angel Virtue home accent Wall Art Print
Wisdom  home accent Wall Art portrays a woman dressed in a white and red gown surrounded by a red dragon and a bird standing in a forest against pillar arches. She is carefully poised beneath an enchanted moon, eyes filled with the wisdom of the woodlands, who beckons you to come closer. This inspirational wall decor inspires anyone who looks upon her. Set against an art noveau backdrop, drenched in rich lavenders, the Wisdom Angel holds a dragonfly in her hand and stands in a bed of lotus flowers. She reminds you that wisdom is a virtue that is learned, and that as we grow we gain precious knowledge. This inspirational wall decoration is beautifully matted
Hope Wisdom Courage Stepping Stone Wall Plaque Small Dryad Large home accent Wall Art Print Enlightenment Aromatherapy Beeswax Pillar Candle
Angel Light with Hope, Wisdom, Inspiration, Courage & Faith inscribed around outside of angel stepping stone Wall Plaque.

Angel Stepping Stone  Wall Plaque can be used in the garden or as a decorative wall hanging.

Made from polyresin.
This inspirational wall decor print depicts a beautiful Dryad, carefully poised beneath an enchanted moon, eyes filled with the wisdom of the woodlands, beckons you to come closer. Enlightenment invokes wisdom and clarity. Our scented pillar candles have been designed using a unique blend of purest beeswax and finest essential oils, no fragrance or synthetic scents used. These 2 inch pillar candles smell of Bergamot and Ming. Burns 40 hours.
Archangel Uriel Small Figurine
Archangel Uriel Small Figurine. The fine detailing of this piece is magnificent - from his clothing to wings - all detailing is hand finished and beautiful. Piece is finished in an antique white finish.

Virtues are what everyone aspires to, moral excellence of a person.

There are many virtues, some of which are:
determination, forgiveness, gentleness, gratitude, honesty, innocence, love, loyalty, patience, peace, sincerity, strength, trust.
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