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Angel Pocket Stones



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Angel Pocket Stones

The word talisman is typically defined as a small item with mysterious magical powers that might keep its wearer safe or imbue a special power of some kind. But you don't have to believe in magic to know that angel pocket stones or blessing stones can inspire you through the day and maybe empower you with the magical skills of serenity and gratitude. When you slide one of these talismans in your pocket or display it where it will be frequently noticed, you're reminded over and over again to let go of worries, count your blessings or have courage. Each angel pocket stonecarries a special message so you can select one, or more, that truly speaks to you.

The Law of Attraction

What we focus on expands is a saying that relates to the law of attraction a way of thinking that's been around for a very long time but has recently been popularized by a number of books and workshops. Simply stated, the belief is that when we focus on something, negative or positive, we tend to get more of that thing in our lives. A quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson explains the law of attraction well: Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.

The first step in the law of attraction is to know what you want, and the second is to state it in a positive, present-tense affirmation. For example, I have good health and I enjoy working out is preferred over I will have good health and I want to enjoy working out and both are better than I don't want to be overweight and Ill stop avoiding the gym. Once you've created your affirmation, repetition and meditation are important that's where a simple tool like blessing stones can help. Each time you see or touch the stone, you'll be reminded to repeat your affirmation and to take a few minutes to meditate on your goal.

The law of attraction theory states that once you align your personal energy through clear goal setting, affirmation, repetition and meditation, the natural flow of universal energy supports your goal. You become an energetic magnet attracting the things you focus on. You may have called it luck in the past good or bad but chances are you've seen the law of attraction at work in your own life many times.

They may not give your super powers or offer protection, but these sweet pocket talismans can enrich your spiritual practice and offer inspiration on a gloomy day. Angel pocket stones also make wonderful gifts for anyone struggling with a difficult issue or who needs a reminder that they're appreciated.