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Faith and Believe Tealight Candle Holder Set Believe Essential Oil 15 ml
This angel tealight candle holder has a unique design with a female angel with her hands crossed in front of her on the front as a symbolisim for faith. Angel tealight candle holder has faith inscribed on back. This essential oils aromatherapy is an uplifting blend of essential oils that has a steadying, balancing effect on emotions, helping you to overcome feelings of despair and move beyond them to a higher level of awareness. It helps release the unlimited potential everyone possesses, making it possible to experience health, happiness, and vitality more fully. Believe can also provide feelings of strength and faith.

Virtues are what everyone aspires to, moral excellence of a person.

There are many virtues, some of which are:
determination, forgiveness, gentleness, gratitude, honesty, innocence, love, loyalty, patience, peace, sincerity, strength, trust.
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