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Love Pearl

Love Pearl

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  • Package Weight: : package weight is 1.8 lbs
  • Title:: Love Pearl
: LT-PD12-C
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Love Pearl

From the Heart of Jesus, Magic of Heavenly Love


High quality, finely polished, shining glass, comes with bail for hanging.

Crystalline energization and initiation

Spiritual Potential

  • Love Pearl from the Heart of Jesus
  • Heart Opener
  • Magic of Heavenly Love
  • Kiss from Heaven
  • You Experience deep compassion for the Entire Creation
  • You experience a rise to a higher frequency on all levels in you
  • The higher feeling of happiness
  • Greetings from Heaven
  • The compassionate love of Jesus Christ releases old pain
  • Divine heart connection with Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ gives you the magic of heavenly love, opens your heart, embraces you, awakens feelings of happiness, helps you to cope with loneliness, sadness and fears, as it connects you with the pure love from heaven. These Love Pearls fill your aura and rooms with their magic and illuminate them.

Possible Uses

You may hang it up in rooms or wear it as pendant for the aura. It is also a very special gift.

Length: 1 - 5/8 in. . / 4 cm
Diameter: 1/2 in / 1.2 cm
Weight: .05 lbs
Jesus Christ

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